Summer Chemistry Intensive

The Basics:

  • Start Date: Monday, June 10th
  • Class time: M, W, F from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • End Date: July 1st (Monday)
  • Location: 5414 County Road 7330 Lubbock, Tx 79424 (121st and Slide)
  • Cost: $500 (Payment Plans Available)
  • Prerequisites:  Algebra 1

Class Material:

  • Text: OpenStax online textbook and ELL teaching videos (nothing to buy)
  • Scientific Calculator (Phone calculators are not allowed)
  • Three ring binder with lined notebook paper
  • Pencils


Students must commit to being at all classes. Due to the rapid pace of this class, no absences will be allowed.

Class Format:

The Chemistry summer intensive will cover a year’s worth of material in one month. Rachelle Fulkerson, a certified science instructor, will teach the content during class time. The students will then use the OpenStax online textbook as a resource for content and practice problems. There is nothing to buy but you will need internet access to see the textbook and online videos.