7th Grade Science Information

The Basics:

  • Class Dates:   September 3rd - May 20th
  • Time:     Thursdays,  1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
  • Location:   TBD
  • Cost:    $540 (can be paid as a $60 Monthly Fee)
  • Make sure to check out our Sibling and Multi-class Discounts. 

Class Material:

  • Textbook: Apologia “Exploring Creation with General Science”, 3rd Edition
    • Can be purchased at Mardel or ordered online from ChristianBook.com
    • There are several homeschool exchange groups like LAHE and LHN that might help you find a used copy
  • Apologia General Science Student Notebook
    • Also found online
  • Colored Pencils or highlighters


Class Format:

Middle school is a time for all sorts of transitions. This class will focus on helping students take science to the next level while enjoying some great hands on labs.  General science covers a variety of topics that will lay a great foundation for high school classes. Additionally, we will incorporate the Apologia student notebook to begin to learn how to take good notes and manage time well.