6th Grade Science Information

The Basics:

  • Class Dates:   September 1st - May 18th
  • Time: Wednesdays from  8:30-10:00 am 
  • Location:   6007 66th Street, Lubbock, TX 79416
  • Registration Cost: $10 (nonrefundable and will go to purchase supplies)
  • Course Cost:    $540 (can be paid as a $60 Monthly Fee)
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Class Material:

  •  Textbook:
    • Fall Textbook:
      • Apologia “Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics”, Young Explorer Series
      • Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics Notebooking Journal (not junior)
        • Can be purchased at Mardel or ordered online from ChristianBook.com
        • There are several homeschool exchange groups like LAHE and LHN that might help you find a used copy
    • Spring: "Kingdoms and Classification", 
      • Purchase online from The Good and The Beautiful website.
      • Please purchase the physical copy
  • Science Notebook
               A three ring binder is ideal. 
  • 5 Tab Dividers for Notebook
  • Colored Pencils or highlighters

                                                       Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics - By: Jeannie Fulbright   Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics Notebooking Journal                                    

    Class Format:

    Science is best learned in a hands on fashion.  This class will provide lots of opportunities to discuss, explore and experiment with physical and life science ideas.  Students will be asked to complete some activities like reading and printing off materials at home so they can participate with the class discussions.  In class, we will focus our attention on questions, exploration and lab experiments.  After we have covered all the material for a topic, I will assign a 'celebration of learning". Partners will work together to recall information from the lesson. My heart is to integrate as much Charlotte Mason methodology as possible so we can deeply explore God's creation. No grade will be given for this course.